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Veliky Novgorod is one of the most beautiful and ancient Russian cities. In the Novgorod Land, like nowhere else, you have a truly unique opportunity to experience the history of the Russian nation and feel the breadth of the Russian soul- thanks to the outstanding monuments, included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, a great number of holy relics and memorable places, inseparably connected with lives of many eminent Russian geniuses.
Veliky Novgorod is fairly called the Birthplace of Russia. The year 862, when Novgorodians invited Prince Rurik to govern their lands, is considered the date of birth of Russian statehood. Furthermore, the Novgorod Republic, with its characteristic independence and freethinking, is one of the oldest examples of realization of democratic order. Mass literacy, the first Russian school and the first book in the Russian language- the Novgorod Land is the very place where the Russian literacy was born. In the centre of the city, in the Novgorod Kremlin, you can visit the oldest Orthodox stone temple of Russia- the Cathedral of St. Sophia, which together with other Christian relics, attracts Orthodox pilgrims from all over the globe to Veliky Novgorod. The connection between of Novgorod and name of Russian geniuses is unbreakable, too-Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sergey Rakhmaninov, Gavrila Derzhavin, Sergey Diaghilev and many others lived and worked here. The past and present role of Veliky Novgorod in the Hanseatic League has a special place in the history of the city. Novgorod the birthplace of the epic merchant Sadko- was the one and only city, where the trade between Russia and the medieval Hanseatic cities was taking place. In 1993 Novgorod became the first Russian member of the Hanseatic League of the New Time, and in 2009- when the city celebrated its 1150th anniversary- Veliky Novgorod hosted the 29th International Hansa Days of New Time.
Novgorod is beautiful in summer and winter. If you have 1 free day during your stay in St.Petersburg we recommend travelling to Novgorod.
You can find our program with 1 day bus tour to Novgorod here.

How to get to Novgorod

It is possible to go with the group by bus or by the train.

From St.Petersburg

From Moscowsky railway station, train “Lastochka” №711A departure 06:25- arrival 09:07 (duration 2,42 h) From Moscowsky railway station, train “Lastochka” №837Я departure 20:57 – arrival 23:58 (duration 2, 58 h)

From Moscow

From Leningradsky railway station, train №042A departure 20:10 – arrival 05:45 (duration 09,35)
You leave Moscow at 19:25 on №764 Sapsan Train and arrive at 22:30 to Chudovo (Novgorod region). There you can change your train to №873 Lastochka Train which leaves Chudovo at 22:44 and arrives in Veliky Novgorod at 23:55. This way your journey lasts 4 hours 30 minutes.  If you leave Veliky Novgorod at 06:00 on the №874 Lastochka Train, you arrive to Chudovo (Novgorod region) at 07:13 and change train to №753 Sapsan Train which leaves Chudovo at 08:41 and arrives to Moscow at 11:40. This way your journey lasts 4 hours 35 minutes.

Weather in Novgorod

Hotels in Novgorod


  • Park Inn Veliky Novgorod ****
  • Volkhov ***
  • Intourist Hotel ***
  • Yurievskoe Podvorie

Activities in Novgorod