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We recommend you to stay in Irkutsk for a day or two. The city was founded in July 6, 1661. It is about 50 years older than St. Petersburg. It is famous for its log houses of 18-19 centuries, the Decembrists museum and the Angara River embankments.

Weather in Irkutsk


Hotels in Irkutsk

  • "Evropa" (Europe) Hotel ***
  • "Zvezda" (The Star) hotel ***

Excursions in Irkutsk

City tour

Duration: 3 hours, bus + walking


  • Historical city center, place of Irkutsk fort building
  • The “Eternal fire”
  • Polish church. Spasskaya church. Epiphany cathedral
  • Kirov square. University of Linguistics
  • Government of Irkutsk region
  • Square of “Trud”, First telegraph
  • Irkutsk as a historical architecture monument. Mentions of merchants
  • Museum of the Decembrists
  • Znamensky convent
  • Place of Admiral Kolchak death, Admiral Kolchak monument
  • Karl Marks street.  Irkutsk Drama Theater
  • Walking along the embankment of the Angara River. Monument to Alexander III. “White house”. University
  • You can also visit the museum of local lore, museum of Irkutsk’s history, homestead of Vladimir Sukachov.
  • In addition, you can visit the Holy Cross church, one of the highest points of the Irkutsk City. There is a great panoramic view of the city from this place. Here you will have an opportunity to see how the bell-ringer works and listen the old church bells ringing.

Ethnographic Excursion to Ust’-Orda Village

Duration: 6hours, bus+walking

The Buryats are one of the largest nationalities inhabiting Siberia. The Ust’-Ordinskiy region is famous for traditional Buryat culture which survived across the generations.

The excursion will give you a chance to get acquainted with Buryat folklore, national games and shaman rites, as well as to taste the national dishes of the Buryat cuisine.


  • Departure to Ust’-Orda , Buryat village 70 km away from Irkutsk
  • Visiting the ethnographic museum of Ust’-Orda to get acquainted with one of the most ancient Siberian people’s culture and customs
  • Meeting a shaman. Purgation ceremony
  • Lunch including dishes of Buryat cuisine (by request)

During your stay in Irkutsk you have a chance to continue your tour to the Far East and visit Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.
Another option for your travel which seems to be more exotic is a train trip along the Trans Mongolian railway to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.
If you are interested, please, don’t hesitate to ask us about these options.